The Flexography You Can Rely On

Improve your printed image resolution in a way never seen before in the flexographic printing process.

High performance

High-performance algorithm technology for unmatched quality screenings.

Smooth gradients

Allowing ultra-smooth gradiends and transitions, high solid densities and bright highlights.

Digital standards

Flexo print versatility can now compete with digital print’s highest standards.

What we Do

We provide a tested and approved technology for the production of high quality Flexography prints

Material savings

With the implementation of RISE, the printing process gains well-adjusted variables to the printing characteristics of the printing company, promoting much faster setups, saving energy, and less material waste.

Quick exchanges

Faster exchanges are extremely important for the flexographic process. RISE Technology allows for no need to exchange supplies or parts in the printing press, empowering printing companies to produce many more items daily with the same equipment.

Faster setups

One of the fundamental factors for a faster printing press setup is consistency and a match between the digital proof and the printed material. RISE promotes high definition in image reproduction by matching your print result to a continuous tone digital inkjet proof, resulting in what you see in proof is what you have on the printout.

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Don’t Let the Complexities of Flexo Printing Burden You Any Longer

With the rapid increase in quality of flexographic printing from 2008 through the emergence of Kodak Flexcel NX technology, new experiments were possible. We reached the current RISE stage in the beginning of 2020. RISE’s improvement process was intensified and consistent tests were developed. It is now a technology with proven results in the printing room being made available to the market.

About Us

All together we have more than a century of experience!

Flexo prepress and print technologies is not new to us, that’s why we user this knowledge to develop RISE.

“The graphic result is impressive, the images have high contrast, and the highlights ending in zero looks like a digital print in all its characteristics: definition of the images, brightness… I don’t see dots or moiré.”

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Prepress Manager

“Certainly, this is a technology that encourages me to look for new clients, and even go to specific market niches that I’m not traditionally used to because it gives a high definition and visual impact to the job and also allows me to standardize the printing process.”
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Production Manager

“This makes pre-prepress much easier for me because clients working with RISE Technology give me total stability in image retouching, proofing fidelity, and incredible predictability. By offering RISE to my clients, I effectively have a product that differentiates us in the market.”
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Production Manager

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Our Clients: The most important thing to us

We understand that customers have a choice where they purchase. We recognize we’re a partner with our customers to provide high-quality products and services at a fair price. We focus on supplying our customers excellence in those services and products with the highest desire to gain total customer satisfaction, confidence, and enthusiasm. We hope to build reliability, trust, and friendships through honesty and integrity to ensure healthy long-term alliances.

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Get in touch with us and we will be delighted to give you more information. RISE Technology was specifically developed to use the full potential of Kodak Flexcel NX™.

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